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Luba Lukova: Designing Justice at Rivier Art Gallery, Nashua, New Hampshire
January 31 – March 3, 2022

Rivier Art Gallery
435 South Main Street
Nashua, New Hampshire 03060

Gallery Hours

Monday – Thursday

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Free and open to the public

Virtual Artist Talk
Luba Lukova

My Causes: Anything that Speaks to the Soul and the Mind

Wednesday, February 9, 2022
5:45 pm – 6:45 pm

Location: Zoom | Cost: Free

Please send us an email and you will receive the meeting link.

The Rivier Art Gallery is hosting the exhibition Designing Justice, works by internationally renowned, New York-based artist Luba Lukova. Lukova specializes in high-impact, discussion-triggering images on peace, censorship, immigration, ecology, hunger and corruption, and other social justice issues. Designing Justice addresses essential themes of humanity through images embedded with thought-provoking messages.

Lukova’s artwork helps viewers develop empathy for social and cultural issues through the use of metaphors and bold, succinct symbols that communicate universal truths about desire, fear, creation, hope, and man’s endless capacity for love and hate. In her art, less is more. More effect, more message, more expression; all while doing it with less. The graphic elements are bold with few fine details, but the intent is clear. Her messages reflect the human condition, fundamental fairness, and justice.

In an NPR interview discussing her work, Lukova shared, “In our life today, we use justice in so many contexts, from racial to environmental to social… But in the end, it’s just this idea of right and wrong — that fundamental idea of doing the right thing, of not hurting the people around you, just being honest, being truthful, being rightful in our actions.”

Lukova’s elegantly printed serigraphs are included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Denver Art Museum; Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris; Hong Kong Heritage Museum; Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée, La Louvière, Belgium; the Library of Congress; and the World Bank, Washington, D.C. Designing Justice is currently on view at the Smithsonian Affiliate National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has traveled to galleries and museums throughout the U.S. and internationally. Rivier will be Lukova’s first exhibition venue in New Hampshire.

“It has been variably noted that while it is easy to focus solely on the social messages of her provocative works, it is important to take a step back to appreciate the artistic merit in Lukova’s simplicity,” says Sister Theresa Couture, Director of the Art Gallery. “Her use of striking, metaphoric images gives the viewers art intended to produce an intellectual stimulus and an emotional impact that emerge from her overall mastery of the visual language.”

Luba Lukova: Designing Justice at Rivier Art Gallery, Nashua, New Hampshire


"Simple yet profound... clever yet accessible." –NPR

"Intense and unrelenting, pointing out the injustices and foibles of society in a cheerful aesthetic that surprises the viewer with its poignancy."

– William Corwin
Saatchi Online TV & Magazine

​"Luba Lukova’s images have punch, and they are laced with such feeling that they often merit a second look."

– Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe

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