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Luba Lukova's work in Protest! Resistance Posters at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Switzerland

April 20 – September 2, 2018

Protest! Resistance Posters

Curated by Dr. Bettina Richter


Museum für Gestaltung Zürich


Pfingstweidstrasse 96
Zürich, CH-8005

Three of Lukova's silk-screened prints, Sudan, Eco Crime and War Crime are on view at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich in an exhibition called Protest! Resistance Posters.

Globalization, women’s rights, Trump – the poster is the medium of political struggle per se. More than 50 years after the 1968 kickoff of worldwide rebellion, the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich brings together around 300 international protest posters, accompanied by the songs, videos, and images of resistance.

The exhibition does not aim to present a seamless chronographic sequence of global political events but rather pays tribute to the medium of the resistance poster in the context of an overall show. Luba Lukova's poster Sudan, included in the Museum's permanent collection, has been used as an opening image for the exhibition.

The collection is on view at the annex at Toni-Areal, located in Zurich’s thriving, trendy western district. The venue presents experimental projects and takes a position in current design debates. The Toni-Areal houses a collection with over 500,000 objects.

Sudan by Luba Lukova.

Luba Lukova, Sudan, 1999, Silk-screen

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Permanent Poster Collection

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