From internationally renowned artist, Luba Lukova: Designing Justice presents vivid, captivating works that address the complexities of our time and make the issues that impact our lives and our communities more approachable. Lukova’s thought-provoking imagery is a powerful vehicle providing visibility to a range of topics, including income equality, immigration, war and peace, the environment and more.

The power of art is the power to transform. Through her images, Lukova inspires guests to be a force for good in the world.

CBS WKCR-TV: Designing Justice, New Exhibition Opens at Freedom Center

I Have a Dream by Luba Lukova
Peace by Luba Lukova
Ecology by Luba Lukova
Brainwashing by Luba Lukova
LIC Blues by Luba Lukova
Here We Are by Luba Lukova


New York-based Luba Lukova creates striking images that have been exhibited worldwide. Passionate and bold, her messages reflect the human condition, fundamental fairness, and justice.


Luba Lukova Studio

3105 Crescent Street

Suite A

Long Island City, NY 11106